Case Study

Grind Golf

It was all worth it, in the end, to see something exciting and just a vague idea turning into a reality for practicing golfers and experts.

My Role

Pencil, Photoshop, Invision

Tools & Technologies

Pencil, Photoshop, Invision


Feb 2017 - Jan 2018


An Android and iOS application that allows users to record their performance and even help with practice sessions via “Zen Golf by Joseph Parent”.

It all started with my client, who was a golf enthusiast and owned a golf course. And he came up with the idea to incorporate technology into this fabulous game. I suggested why not build a user-friendly application that allows users to keep a record of their scores, and based on their performance, the application suggests practicing sessions (reading & audio material) as per the guidelines written in the book Zen Golf by Joseph Parent.

This app can be a virtual guide for beginners as well as a performance check for the golf lovers.


- There was no tech innovation in terms of facilitating golfers
- No real-time record tracking facility
- No digital performance analytics
- No comprehensive coaching guidelines


- To introduce a tech-savvy golfing application, compatible with all operating systems
- To bookkeep performance
- To keep performance track
- To suggest data-driven practice sessions


I served as a keystone in this project. Right from start to the end, every phase tested my product development and designing abilities.

To be exact, the following sessions were part of the stunning design of this app.

- Research
- Mockups/Prototype development
- Discussion & Brainstorming sessions
- Design phase incorporating a user-friendly interface

Golf player – Julie Ashley

- To learn golf
- To balance work-life and career
- To make connections in the industry


- Not having proper guidance about golf
- No proper coaching instructor
- No performance records


Julie Ashley 36

Research Insights

Based on the findings of the interested people and players, their day-to-day frustrations about the game, there should be a responsive application for Android and IOS that is not only useful for expert golfers but also for beginners.

Expected features

I conducted surveys on a wide audience, whose comments helped me pick points to add to the features.

IIt should provide a performance tracking facility
It must maintain data to analyze performance & suggest improvement sessions
Reading & audio material must be available for practicing golfers


Over the course of a few weeks of testing and iterations, the low-fidelity sketches became a high-fidelity prototype.

UI Design

It had to be user-friendly with a comprehensive menu card otherwise it would have flopped. Therefore, I geared up my visual design abilities with several options in mind.

Random screens on clickable prototype

How Julie is recording her scores instead of a paper score board.
View of scorecard on the Android landscape

Final Prototype

After iterations, the final version of the application has:

- Score monitoring facility
- Score tracking facility
- Reading & audio facility for easy coaching (from Zen Golf)
- Comprehensive golfing rules material for beginners
- Data-driven practice suggestions

iOS dashboard


This app is exceptionally well in building a step-by-step guide to expert golfing with conclusive helping material.

Net promoter score based upon first 100 respondents.

All in all, this application made golfing easy and fun, to say the least. Technology is taking over every field.

- Feedback