I’m Zeeshan.

A multidisciplinary digital designer/Manager, problem solver fascinated by technology & nature.

Initiated as Zahio and now it’s out to market as something Squadish – a Workforce Management Platform. It helps leaders to manage employees efficiently and more productively with easy scheduling, task management, time and location tracking, and reporting.
No more piles of files. Because the future is technology. Paper is obsolete. That's what we are trying to do during this project.
This short time frame did test my abilities as the research phase was hard due to the language barrier. The product was indeed futuristic, but it did not match with modern online shopping aesthetics, which I tend to cater to.
Its project management and prioritization platform, is used by thousands of internal and external stakeholders. Currently deployed in pioneer space exploration agencies and leading private universities for daily IT operations. Cloud migration engineers, software architects, chief technology officials and project managers are main target users.
It was all worth it, in the end, to see something exciting and just a vague idea turning into a reality for practicing golfers and experts.