Case Study


No more piles of files. Because the future is technology. Paper is obsolete. That's what we are trying to do during this project.

My Role

Lead designer— research, design

Tools & Technologies

Miro, Figma, Invision, Ruby


October 2020 - Feb 2021

Recent research by Forest ethics has highlighted Australia's unenviable crown as the largest consumer of paper products per capita in the world.


We all know how much papers are non-eco-friendly. Hundreds of trees are cut and processed to produce papers, which is a threat to our environment. Besides, we have the following issues with the conventional manual paper-based data storage system.

- A paper-based file system requires storage space
- Can’t find relevant papers on time
- Time-consuming search
- Chance of data redundancy
- Paper waste

An intranet application that replaces regular paperwork in offices and other administrative loads while recruiting with technology for the government of Australia and Oceania.


To design a tech-savvy solution over conventional papers & to integrate a browser-based application compatible with all operating systems.


I was asked to design a user-friendly and tech-savvy replacement for a traditional paper storage system. I did my research and proposed to combine all features related to what an orthodox file system exhibits, wrapped within a reliable web application. It was a hectic task, to say the least, because I had to adjust all necessary paperwork facilities required in the recruitment process, human resource management, official contract submission, company internal data ledgers, proposal submission, applications, supporting documentation, and more.


Working on papers is not a feasible option anymore. This solution needs to be replaced by a product that is easy to maintain, user-friendly and is relevant to the modern digital environment.

- The paper filing was not a suitable solution
- There was no futuristic approach to the traditional files
- Lost data can never be found, so needed a technological solution
- A unanimous solution to all data storage problems

Wireframe: Kim dashboard

The web application seemed like the most befitting solution that was enough to replace papers and their related problems. I cannot say that it was one miraculous and instant project, but with a constant array of efforts, which was refined through time and tests, it became easy.

HR Version: Containing all information required by companies​​​​​​​

After intense brainstorming sessions, I designed the Empathy Map, listing out the user’s journey, and giving solutions to every query.

Different vendors and recruitment offices used to use Google forms or send papers by couriers to sign official contracts. People were tired of using the same traditional methods over and over again. Through wireframes and the requirement analysis, I designed “Paper Work” that changed the dynamics of paperwork in Australia.

The final version of the web application consisted of all features, including the prerequisites and necessary information such as Name, Address, Date of Birth, and more. It has many faces.

User Version: Containing all information and features where users can type contract as per their requirement
It is user-friendly, and different versions complying with different demands.


It took over the official work by storm and defined new dimensions for data storage and compilation. The recruitment process, data entry, transmission, and other paper-depended processes became simpler.

The paperless “Paper Work” is thus called the revolution!

It is an easy and eco-friendly solution to paper waste!

It's the start of something new!

The outcomes were astonishing and groundbreaking. Volunteers did not have to go through the piles of paper, but they could get information anytime they want.

An Australian government official project to counter the ever-increasing paper problem via a browser application.